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Why the Idea?

Distill financial data into smart decisions

We believe that financial markets and the cause-effect of price action can be explained.

The QI platform has been developed over six years in collaboration with experienced investment managers, data engineers and leading academics from the Astrophysics Group at Cambridge University. Real time data offers traders, portfolio managers and risk managers a quant’s eye view of the main drivers in the pricing of specific assets, providing them with objective facts rather than subjective opinion

Over 3000 securities and all major asset classes are covered.

High quality data is obtained from leading independent pricing sources and is translated into macro overlays for investment professionals.

Meet the team

Mahmood Noorani


Krishnan Sadasivam


Desmond Dundon


Professor Michael Hobson

Academic Advisor

Duncan Clark

Advisory Board Member

Ryan Adams

Advisory Board Member

Garrett Curran

Advisory Board Member

Jerry De Melo

General Counsel

Nikhil Agarwal

Chief Quant

Peter Tran

Business Development

Ernest Van Vredenburch

Head of Sales

Amit Khanna

Equity Research

Huw Roberts

Fixed Income Research/Sales

Hemant Grover

FX Research/Sales

Dominic Bidwell

Equity Sales

Stephen Baldwin

Marketing and Client Relations

Omar Belmonte

Cross Asset Research

Stefanos Manos


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