Quant Insight release Web Platform V2.0

The NEW and upgraded Web Platform from Quant Insight

21 October 2019 – Quant Insight now offers investment managers the chance to enhance their investment process with an upgraded, multi-asset, easy to use web platform.

Offering a quantitative macro overlay to risk, strategy, quant and investment strategies, whether the approach is top-down or bottom-up in style. The audience and client base ranges from $50m AUM wealth managers and family offices to $1trln AUM global hedge funds and asset managers.

Getting the bigger picture is key in a multi correlated financial universe, and understanding what are the key macro drivers of price action in equities, fx, rates, commodities and ETFs are critical to investment strategy.


  • New cloud based back end architecture with large scale data handling capabilities
  • Revised and improved models 
  • New Qi valuation signals
  • Access our white papers available across Rates, FX and Equities
  • New IP developed to measure price momentum in terms of price velocity and acceleration. Our “3 Sigma Momentum” model portfolio has been running a live paper portfolio for 5 months and has registered 30% annual return and Sharpe 3 (covers all asset class
  • Lower price point


Web Platform V2.0 full access starts at $10,000.00 per annum

For further information, please contact:

Stephen Baldwin | Senior Partner | sb@quant-insight.com

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