Turn data into insights

Hedge Funds

Adding macro-quant analytics to your investment process

  • Discover the macro drivers most important to explaining the prices of the assets you trade.
  • Identify the best expression of your macro view with QI sensitivity analysis.
  • Optimise trade entry and exit with our Valuation Gap filter.

Discretionary portfolio managers can identify key macro drivers across all asset classes. Based on your core macro opinion, QI sensitivity analysis enables investors to select the optimal trade expressionAccess our experienced research analyst team to enhance and add value to your investment strategy.

Investment Banks

Long term analysis for improved capital allocation

  • Identify key macro dynamics using the QI Long Term model which can capture changes in market regime well before the markets’ narrative shifts.
  • Foresight that allows you to stay agile and results in a more efficient asset allocation process.
  • Bespoke Analytics that adapt to your needs 

Whatever your core macro theme, QI’s sensitivity analysis enables you to identify what equity sector, which FX cross, what part of the rates curve is the most sensitive & hence the best trading expression of your in-house view. Our tailored approach allows you to create custom models that reflect your own portfolio and capture the key macro thematics critical to you.

One platform. Innovative, adaptive macro research

Family Offices

Explore under the surface

  • Enhance your bottom up approach with a macro overlay
  • Manage your asset liability/mismatch
  • View our scenario analysis

Refine your long-term view with our 250day model, designed to deliver immersive and detailed data across all major asset classes. Dismantle sector exposure into individual securities and view your portfolio risk through the macro lens. Use QI in parallel with your fundamental approach to add value to your investment strategy.

Corporate Treasury

Macro intelligence at your fingertips

  • Gain a holistic overview to the macroeconomic exposures of your portfolio
  • Create bespoke hedging strategies using the QI Portfolio Analytics tool

  • Observe QI valuation gap metrics across multiple asset classes


QI output is also designed to add value to the small portfolio, single stock investor and the medium sized institutions with a diverse range of complex funds. The Portfolio Analytics tool gives Wealth Managers the ability to use cutting edge technology in a complex financial world, and add real value to increasingly sophisticated HNW clients.

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