Machine driven macro intelligence


What macro factors drive your trade?

Financial market complexity has exploded, making it more challenging for asset managers to process the overwhelming amount of available data and to understand market dynamics.

QI enables you to uncover what is driving markets and to identify changes in regime ahead of the market narrative. We harness leading quantitative techniques, data science, processing power and extensive market experience.






The analytical platform that answers 4 key questions:

  • What macro factors currently drive the price of an asset?
  • Which trade is the most effective way to express your macro view?
  • What is the macro risk in your portfolio?
  • How do you qualify your investment strategy?
Key Features & Packages

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Key Features

Insight into over 3000 securities

Efficiently integrate macro research at the click of a button.

Analyse thousands of securities in real time across equities, rates, FX, commodities and credit.

Comprehensive analytics enable a smarter approach to your investment process. Choose how you want to receive your data, set preferences and drill deep into individual factor sensitivities.


QI is the result of extensive collaboration between experienced macro investors, leading academics and data science experts

How it works

Distill the data. Reveal actionable insights

Data Integrity + Investment Expertise + Processing Power

Our investment expertise is crucial to establishing the drivers and macro factors that are relevant to each security. This is combined with high-quality data, distilled using algorithms and powerful processing performance.

Our approach allows us to identify which macro factors explain the price action of any given security. The mathematical integrity of our approach is supported by a team from the Astrophysics Group at Cambridge University headed by Professor Michael Hobson.

Whether you adopt a bottom-up or top-down approach, QI can add value to your investment process.


"Our algorithms look for patterns between the values of the drivers and the price of the asset"
Professor Michael Hobson


Who is it for?

Designed for investment professionals

Capture real-time macro research that can be easily integrated into your daily investment process.

Whether you are a macro-focused hedge fund, equity long/short asset manager or a family office, QI has been designed to enhance any discretionary investment process, large or small.

Simple to use. Simple to integrate.



Why the idea?

Our mission is to enable you to integrate leading quantitative macro research into actionable ideas.

We provide cutting-edge, empirical analysis to professional investors.

Easy to access adaptive research provides an antidote to an investment industry that is currently dominated by subjective opinion.

Meet the team

Mahmood Noorani

Founder & CEO

Professor Michael Hobson

Chief Data Scientist

Pratik Shah

Chief Operations Officer

Jerry De Melo

General Counsel

Peter Tran

Business Development

Ernest Van Vredenburch

Head of Sales

Amit Khanna

Equity Analytics

John Garofoli

North American Sales

Huw Roberts

Fixed Income Analytics/Sales

Hemant Grover

FX Analytics/Sales

Dominic Bidwell

Equity Sales

Rik Tremerie

Multi Asset Analytics/Sales

Stephen Baldwin

Marketing and Client Relations

Omar Belmonte

Multi Asset Analytics

Stefanos Manos

IT Developer

Jack Field

IT Developer

The SmartCube

Business Partner

Garrett Curran

Advisory Board Member

Duncan Clark

Advisory Board Member

Ryan Adams

Advisory Board Member

Stefanos Manos

IT Developer

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